Conference on Roman Law


The Institute of Constitutional and Legal History of the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration at NUPS organised a three days international scientific conference on the role of ancient Roman legal traditions in the history of state and public administration.

During the conference, the experts analysed the legal institutions and legal system of ancient states. In the workshop, beside the representatives of the institute, Hungarian experts on Roman law and antique legal history and internationally renowned researchers were also present. The guests arrived from 12 European countries, representing 16 prestigious universities. The presenters, including but not limited to Prof. Dr. Jose Luis Alonso (Universität Zürich), Prof. Dr. Matthias Armgardt (Universität Konstanz), Prof. Dr. Bernhard Palme (Universität Wien), or Dr. Valérie Wyns (University of Leuven), were all recognized experts on ancient legal history and Roman law.

The workshop was divided into seven scientific sections where the participants discussed the scientific issues of the most important ancient legal systems, such as the Egyptian, Greek and Roman law and the questions of state and public institutions. The debates included topics such as the relation between legislation and jurisdiction or public and civil law, the administration of eastern states, the hellenistic period, the late antiquity, the relation of institutional control to politics and the questions of state responsibilities including animal protection or sea commerce. Many of the speakers highlighted that modern legal representatives should consider ancient best practices in resolving today's rapidly changing and diverse challenges.