International Welcome Day at NUPS


The National University of Public Service has gained great popularity at the international level with its spring semester opening with 53 incoming students from all around the world.

 The students were greeted with the traditional “Welcome Day” ceremony on 15 February in the Zrínyi Hall of the Ludovika Campus. The colleagues of the International Office were waiting for the students from all over the world with a little present. This semester Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, China, France, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, England, Egypt and Azerbaijan are among the countries sending students to NUPS. This indicates an increase of 5 students, from 2 new countries compared to the previous spring semester.

At the ceremony in Zrínyi hall, Dr. habil. Györgyi Nyikos, Vice-Rector for International Affairs addressed the students. She presented about the different faculties and institutes of the University, and wished the newcomers an unforgettable semester in Budapest, rich in great experiences. The Vice-Rector’s welcome speech was followed by Dr. Zsuzsanna Peres, Vice-Dean for Science and International Affairs at the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration, who detailed the specialties of the growing faculty and the wide range of courses offered. Dr. Zoltán Jobbágy, Vice-Dean for Science and International Affairs at the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training greeted the students next, and wished them a great and fruitful time in Hungary. Dr. Andrea Szabó, Head of the Department of Customs and Finance Guard at the Faculty of Law Enforcement presented the faculty and encouraged students to visit them in the brand new faculty building. Dr. Péter Rada, Vice-Dean for Science and International Affairs at the Faculty of International and European Studies greeted the students in the name of his faculty and also mentioned the variety of academic and leisure-time activities organised for students.

Last but not least, Angelika Nemcsényi, the coordinator for international affairs at the Students Council of NUPS welcomed the students and ensured them about the help they provide for students of the university, and that they can turn to them for assistance any time.

After the welcome ceremony the programme continued in the lounge area with some snacks and refreshments, and the Erasmus Student Network organized some playful get-to-know-each-other tasks for the international and Hungarian students. We wish this cheerful group that they have the best time of their life at NUPS!