The Ambassador’s Forum at Ludovika event series ends in 2017 with Romania


The last Ambassador’s Forum at Ludovika event in the autumn semester of the 2017/2018 academic year was held on 13 December. The last special guest in the semester was His Excellency Mr. Marius Gabriel Lazurca, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to Hungary who held a presentation on “Freedom, diversity, reconciliation. Ethnic minorities rights in Romania”.

The event was opened by Dr. habil. Györgyi Nyikos, Acting Vice-Rector for International Affairs who welcomed the guests and said that the Ambassador’s Forum at Ludovika plays an important role in the university’s life since it provides insight to current economical, social and security questions. She added that within the framework of this monthly event the participants can learn from primary sources about the future opportunities.

After the welcome speech of the Vice-Rector, Dr. Péter Rada Vice-Dean for Science and International Affairs of the Faculty of International and European Studies introduced the career of His Exellency to the audience. HE Marius Gabriel Lazurca has an extensive diplomatic experience. Before his Hungarian assignment in 2016, he represented his country in the Vatican and also in Moldova. He studied philology in Timișoara, then in 2003 he acquired PhD degree in antropology at the Paris-Sorbonne University.

At the beginning of his presentation Mr. Lazurca thanked the organizers and expressed his pleasure to speak at one of the newest and most dynamic universities of Hungary. He especially thanked Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Rector of NUPS the invitation which is a good opportunity to further strengthen the dialogue between Hungary and Romania. His Excellency said that the relation between the two countries are very complex but both are allies within the same political family, such as the EU and NATO. This provides an opportunity to overcome past traumas and focus on future cooperation.

The Romanian media shows great interest to the situation of nationalities, especially related to Hungarian questions, but its representation is often based on stereotypes. Mr. Lazurca finds it important to highlight in the media the achievements as well. He added that the minority rights are a very important topic in his country.

He explained the situation of Hungarians in Romania in details, highligthing the educational aspect. His Excellency also said that the Hungarian minority is the biggest among the national minorities in Romania with approximately 1.2 million habitants. He added that in 2017 1419 schools provided education in Hungarian language which affected more than 150 thousands of students. 20500 teachers are supporting Hungarian education mainly in theology, visual arts, music and sports. Furthermore, they provide professional and technical training in Hungarian language in 11 counties. His Excellency concluded his speech saying that Hungarians are linked by a cross-border spiritual, moral and political relationship.

The presentation of His Excellency Mr. Marius Gabriel Lazurca was followed by a roudtable discussion where the invited expert Ferenc Kalmár, Ministerial Commissioner for Hungary's Neighbourhood Policy analyzed the Hungarian-Romanian relationship.

The Ambassador’s Forum at Ludovika event series will return in the spring semester in 2018.