The New Academic Year is a Milestone in NUPS’s Life

Nearly 7000 students have started the new semester at the National University of Public Service this year. The ceremonial opening of the academic year was held in the newly constructed building of the Ludovika Campus with high ranking government officials present. The 2000 freshmen can start the year in a 21st setting.

The Minister of Justice, President of the Constitutional Court, the Chief Prosecutor and various other government officials were present along with the members of the General Staff in the impressive new building. “One can only prepare to serve the public with determination. The university creates and maintains the space for such work. It is especially a pleasure to that space constantly develop”, told Prof. Dr. András Patyi, the rector of NUPS in his opening speech.

The rector quotes Lajos Kossuth’s historical word when greeting freshmen of the Public Governance Doctoral Program, which has been restarted in Hungary after a 70-year gap. “We have a new home now, and we are really grateful to many organisations that have made this possible for us, including the government and the Governing Board.” – said the rector.  Dr. Patyi thanked the work of József Horváth, who has been Secretary-General of NUPS and head of the Ludovika Project development programme for six years now. Dr. Patyi also reminded the audience, that it was not only NUPS’s infrastructure that got renewed, but the PADOP project was started and the University also acquired a new faculty.

The Minister of Justice, László Trócsányi remarked in his speech that since the foundation of the university, the government did everything to ensure the best possible quality of education.  “We ought to use the best of our heritage, and be open to the world and to the future!” - told Mr. Trócsányi. The minister told the audience that in the field of public service new challenges appear regularly, we have to adapt to those, but also uphold our moral values.

During the opening ceremony, the newly accepted student took their oath, and the representatives of the students gave their signed copies to the Minister of Justice.

Zoltán Molnár, Secretary of State and head of the Governing Board titled the opening ceremony a milestone in the life of NUPS.  He stressed that the development of the university is not an ad hoc process, but everything is planned according of the Institutional Development Plan.  Mr. Molnár highlighted that NUPS is a “University of Cooperation” as it is illustrated by the cooperation between the university itself and the government.