New Semester with New Buildings

Most students of the National University of Public Service are starting the new academic year in the new buildings of the Ludovika Campus.

Students from both the Faculty of Law Enforcement and the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration have moved into their respective new buildings and students of the Faculty of Law Enforcement also have a new dormitory and special educational facility from this year.

Over the weekend, almost 1000 students have moved into their new accommodation in NUPS’s dormitories. 590 of them reside in the Orczy Dormitory built a few years ago, and 300 students now live in the new dormitory of the Faculty of Law Enforcement. The freshman students of this faculty are taking their five-week-long basic training at the Farkasvölgyi Campus. They are going to move over to the Ludovika Campus on 24th September. The new educational building is mainly going to be used by students of the above mentioned faculties and their faculty administration, as well as their various departments are also located in this building. The offices of both deans are here too.

Students of the Faculty of International and European Studies study at their usual home in the Ludovika Main Building, and students of the Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training still have their Hungária Campus. The programs of NUPS’s fifth faculty, the Faculty of Water Sciences also retained their facilities and students study in Baja like in previous years.

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