Department of Water and Environmental Policy

The department's main activity is providing interdisciplinary training and research tasks related to national and international water policy. We also pay special attention to the policy areas of sustainable development, climate resilience and international water diplomacy. Another priority is the assessment of socio-economic and environmental impacts affecting global, regional and local water policies, as well as developing strategic frameworks for sustainable water and energy management and education.

The broader research focus of the department is the relationship between the environment (especially water) and society, particularly regarding the international and regional dimensions of water policies. The specific research areas of the department include the following topics:

  • environmental concerns related to water,
  • the challenges of water policy making from a theoretical, institutional, political and economic point of view,
  • national, European and international water law
  • investigations of the water-climate nexus,
  • development of climate adaptation measures
  • Indicator-based policy performance evaluations
  • socio-economic impact assessments related to water policies

The research carried out in the department covers the educational needs of the Faculty of Water Sciences and closely matches the practical activities of institutions and external experts partnering with the department.

The department provides significant capacities for teaching the master's degree in Water Diplomacy and Governance. The first year of the two-year English-language program primarily focuses on the general issues of water policy management (hydrological, environmental protection foundations, the concept, dimensions, and tools of water policy), while the second year of the training provides an in-depth introduction to the theoretical, institutional, procedural and legal basis. In addition to the Master's Program, we provide education for students of other faculties of UPS in several attitude-shaping and competency-enhancing subjects.

Head of Department

Dr. Tamás Pálvölgyi
Vice-Dean for Strategy and International Affairs

Office: H-1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér, Szárnyépület 232. szoba
Phone: (36) 1 432 9000/ 20806