Introduction - Dean's Welcome

Dear Visitor!


Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Water Sciences!

The Faculty of Water Sciences is the "youngest" unit of the University of Public Service, in operation in Baja since February 1, 2017. The faculty was founded by merging two institutes of the Eötvös József College into the University of Public Service: the Institute of Water Supply and Environmental Engineering and the Institute of Water Engineering and Water Management.

Thanks to its legal predecessors, the faculty has a more than 50 years of history. The water management training in Baja has a national reputation and importance, and is one of the most important supply bases of the sector. It's not just a phrase: the water management of the future will fundamentally determine the development of the world, including our country, its economic performance, food safety, environmental condition and the population’s quality of life. The availability of the right amount and quality of water and the protection against water damage make water management a strategic sector. In general, it is true that we do not know yet what professions will society and the economy need in 20 years. Water management is perhaps an exception to this. The water profession will be indispensable as long as water is the basis of existence on Earth. It is a key area, as there is no economic sector to which it is not connected, which is not fundamentally dependent on water management. A significant part of the global changes taking place in the world are already happening because of water, and they exert their effects through water. Engineering and water diplomacy knowledge are among the most important values ​​of the 21st century.

That is why the government prioritizes water affairs and related training. The faculty, which currently offers three basic courses and a number of specialized further courses, continues the tradition of engineering-based water management, which goes back almost two centuries in our country, carrying a huge amount of professional experience and knowledge. It is no coincidence that the training of water specialists is one of the most mature in Hungary, and our engineers are sought after all over the world. Being an engineer defines one's whole life. It covers professional knowledge that people of all ages associate with ingenuity, reliability and stability.

However, our long-term goal goes beyond engineering education: we want to become a leading international research and education center in the field of water management. Our training takes place in Baja, but other units of the university are also involved.

In the autumn semester of 2020, our international water policy and water diplomacy master's program was launched, which prepares water specialists, diplomats, practicing and future government officials to deal with the challenges of international water cooperation. The English-language training covers all essential political, institutional, legal and diplomatic aspects of international cooperation at the global and watershed level.

Anyone who has access to water is the professional of the future. With the involvement of the University of Public Service, a knowledge base will be created at the faculty, with which we can provide excellent water experts for the Hungarian state and businesses involved in water management.

We look forward to welcoming our future students in Baja, the cradle of water education!


Dr. Tibor Bíró