BSc in Water Operation Engineering

The aim of the 6 semester is to train water operation engineers with modern technical and management skills, who are able to perform the commissioning and operating tasks of regional and municipal water management facilities, and to carry out the commissioning and operating tasks of water management facilities in the corresponding engineering field, having the operator’s licence.

You can choose from the following specializations:

Water utility management

The specialization offers the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the field of water and wastewater treatment, water utilities and baths. Students learn about the most important elements of municipal water management, water supply options, water and wastewater treatment technologies, and the efficient operation of water utility systems. Students who choose this specialization also acquire knowledge of measurement techniques. They can demonstrate their practical skills in the water technology- hydro-ecology measuring exercise.

Main subjects: metrology-monitoring; operation of water utilities; water supply-water treatment; wastewater treatment; operation of baths.

The diploma obtained in the course is also linked to professional qualifications ( jobs related to the operation of water utilities), as laid down by law (Annex 1 to BM Decree 16/2016).

Hydrogeology, water acquisition specialization
The specialization in hydrogeology and water acquisition introduces students to applied hydrogeology, karst hydrogeology, hydrodynamic modelling of groundwater and water management.

Main subject: Hydrogeology; Karst hydrogeology; Groundwater management; Water acquisition and hydrodynamic modelling of groundwater.

Specialization in regional water management
The specialization in regional water management covers water resources management and hydrometry, lowland and hilly water management, agricultural water utilization, flood protection and river management.

Main subjects: River basin management; Agricultural water utilization; Conservation, management and reconstruction of wetlands; Hillslope water management; Lowland water management; Flood protection and River management.