Faculty of Water Sciences - Campus

The educational building of the Faculty is located in one of the most scenic areas of Baja (170 km south of Budapest), the banks of the Sugovica, a branch of the Danube.



The newly renovated Beszédes József Residence Hall is situated in the most panoramic surroundings in Baja. The Hall offers accommodation for up to 240 students. There are three types of accommodation to choose from:

  • Room with 2 beds, en-suite bathroom and kitchenette
  • Apartment with a bathroom and two 2-bed rooms
  • Room with 3 beds, en-suite bathroom, (access to communal kitchen)

Most rooms have a balcony that enjoys a view of the Sugovica Branch. There is Internet access in all rooms. There are also rooms available for residents with disabilities, and the entire building is wheelchair accessible. There is a separate space for gym activity. The Halls are situated next to the Faculty of Water Sciences, with easy access to the Library.

Since 2009, the Residence Hall has offered specialist academic support and programmes for residents and non-residents who join the Academic Programme (Szakollégium). The objective of the Programme is to provide personal and technical support for gifted students in their studies and advancement in life. In addition to academic support, there are programmes organised for nature lovers and for sports enthusiasts. All students are encouraged to join the Programme if they meet the necessary academic requirements as set out in Appendix 5 of the Organisational and Operational Regulations of the Residence Hall.

Beszédes József Residence Hall - House Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Manual


The university provides several special colleges which serve as intellectual and social platforms to help the development of the motivated and dedicated students. The Zsuffa István Special College of the Faculty of Water Sciences aims to provide students with a series of programmes, primarily in engineering, that help develop their knowledge outside of the regular university classes. In addition to the higher education, the college places great emphasis on active participation in professional conferences, forums, community and cultural programs as well as in the National Conference of Scientific Students' Associations. Members of the special college are continuously assisting and participating in other scientific events. To acquire and maintain the qualification of the special college, it is important for the students to contribute to the Researchers' Night or to be involved in the Youth Days organised by the Hungarian Hydrological Society (HHS). The special college also maintains a good relationship with numerous local organisations, including the Hajómalom Association of Baja and the Settlement Commission of Baja.


The main student organisation of Ludovika - University of Public Service is continuously offering diverse and vibrant programmes to bring together the students of its faculties and institutions. The Freshman’s Camp and the Freshman Ball are the symbolic event of students’ inauguration. Other balls and events are also very popular among the students, especially the ceremonial farewell of graduates who are awarded with the University Ring. The students’ association is also involved in the organisation of numerous cultural and recreation events.

Our university provides opportunity for the students to participate in a wide range of scientific conferences, workshops and other professional programs organized throughout the year by faculties, scientific students’ associations and special colleges. The main objective of the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Water Sciences is to represent the students’ interest, solving the arising problems and ensuring the right communication between the faculty and the students. The Union also cooperates in scholarship distribution and participates in the organisation of cultural events and promotes student life at the university.



  • A charming small town with fabulous natural treasures, a thousand sights and world-famous gastronomy.
  • A colourful, multi-ethnic and welcoming community.
  • Special geographical location adjacent to the magnificent Gemenc forest and the river Danube.
  • Centre of the sub-region with innovative development environment.
  • A true school town with eight secondary schools and higher-education institutions.
  •   A vibrant cultural life offering exciting leisure opportunities.