The mission of the Department of Social Communication is to teach and research the operation and regulation of public communication in democratic societies, the values and tools of public service communication, the methods of developing communication skills, and the effects of new communication tools. Areas taught and researched are: communication, sociology, media law, electronic communications law, space Law, regulatory issues related to online platforms.

Compulsory courses

The Department is responsible for teaching the following compulsory subjects in Hungarian (and in several cases) in English in 16 undergraduate and master's degree programs at the University’s three Faculties (ÁNTK, RTK, HHK):

  • Basics of communication and customer communication
  • General sociology
  • Intercultural communication
  • Organizational and managerial communication
  • Regulatory issues of online communication
  • Negotiation techniques in an international environment
  • Workplace conflict management
  • Leadership personality development and self-knowledge training
  • Effective managerial communication and media
  • Basic issues of national strategy
  • Crisis management and crisis communication
  • Sociology
  • Customer service skills development training
  • Project management
  • Data protection
  • Entrepreneurial and management knowledge
  • Information society

Elective courses

The lecturers of the Department offer the following elective courses to students:

  • Lecture and speech practice (in Hungarian)
  • Populism and political communication (in Hungarian and English)
  • History of the Hungarian Radio (in Hungarian)
  • Social psychology (in Hungarian)
  • PR of Public Administration (in Hungarian)
  • Administrative communication and media (in Hungarian and English)
  • Conflicts and communication (in Hungarian and English)
  • Legal and regulatory issues of space-related activities (in Hungarian, English and French)
  • Central and Eastern European media cultures (in Hungarian)
  • The limits of freedom on the Internet (in Hungarian)
  • Public service and media ethics (in Hungarian)
  • Rhetoric and text creation (in Hungarian)
  • Intercultural communication, managing diversity (in English)
  • Multiculturalism (in Hungarian)

Specialized trainings

The Department lecturers are responsible for the Public Service Competence Development Trainer (Andrea Bajnok Phd.) and the Public Service Media Journalist and Editor (Dr. Balázs Bartóki-Gönczy PhD.) specialized trainings.

The Department founded and leads the Communication and Media Scientific Student Group ( The aim of the group is to help students willing to deepen their knowledge in the field of media, information communication law and general communication.

The researchers of the Department are involved in a number of research projects ranging from scientific issues of communication to the regulatory challenges of outer space.