Department of Public Management and Information Technology

Head of Department: Dr. Balázs Benjamin Budai, associate professor


The Department of Public Management and Information Technology is the largest organizational unit of the Faculty with the widest profile. The mission of the Department is to teach and research the organizational, management and operational dogmatism and efficiency of public administration, management and organizational science, public management and public service development management (central, regional and local).

The Department focuses on the education and research of local governments and local regional development. The task of the Department is to research and teach the relationship between digital governance, data protection and freedom of information, cyber security and public administration information systems and, more broadly, information communication technologies.

We currently teach 48 compulsory and 36 elective subjects in 8 programs (of which 26 in Hungarian, 13 in foreign languages).

Due to our practice-oriented teaching-research portfolio, the department is one of the most popular among students writing their thesis or PhD dissertation.


Office: H-1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82., Educational Centre, Office 447.
Phone: +36 1 432 9000 / 20253