Department of Public Finance

Head of Department: Dr. Györgyi Nyikos, professor


The Department of Public Finance shares the mission of the Ludovika-University of Public Service. It is committed to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, dedicated to the advancement of the public good. It performs high quality academic and research practices, methodological development and innovation. Encouraged by its bold vision, the Department intends to become a leading, nationally and internationally recognised centre for excellent education and research in sustainable public finance, efficient and effective use of public resources, transformative public policy design and management.

The Department is proud to shape future public sector leaders. It helps students with preparing to become capable, innovative and ethical professionals. Academic staff members focus on equipping students with sound knowledge, applied skills and real-world experience so that they are able to navigate complex settings and react to emerging challenges in the public sector, making a real impact on citizens' life.

It offers research-connected teaching and new educational resources throughout each year of a Bachelor programme in Public Administration, Master's programmes in Public Administration, Public Governance, and a PhD Programme in Public Administration as well as entry and advanced level civil service learning programmes. The Department has pioneered the integration of the EU Cohesion Policy as a new field of instruction in its academic programmes and is launching a new Master's Programme in Public and Development Policy Management.

It provides strong foundational and advanced training in all aspects of public policy and public financial management. Its faculty members instruct in courses on public finance and budgeting, public financial management and control, legal aspects (financial law, EU tax and competition law, public procurement), EU Cohesion Policy planning and delivery.

The Department teaching staff has practical work experience enabling the combination of theoretical grounding and conversion of learning into practice. Collaboration is fundamental to the teaching and research activities of the Department and it has been privileged to create partnerships with various Government departments and ministries, the State Audit Office, the Hungarian State Treasury, Directorate General for Audit of European Funds, the National Tax and Customs Administration and the National Development Bank.

The Department staff members have been involved in research on a variety of topics including public finance, budgeting, finance law, public procurement, tax issues, public investments, programme and project management, regional development, economic competitiveness, research, development and innovation and the benefits of integrated approach in public policy design. The teaching staff is actively engaged in publishing scholarly work and research results as illustrated by a dynamically growing number of books and textbooks, teaching materials, peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceeding publications.



Office: H-1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82., Educational Centre, Office 436.
Phone: +36 1 432 9000 / 20728
E-mail: Nyikos.Gyö