Department of International Law

Head of Department: Dr. Norbert Tóth, associate professor


The Department offers a complex approach to public international law, covering a broad set of different issues: the law of diplomatic relations, international organisations, law of armed conflicts, humanitarian law, human rights and minority rights protection.

The academic community of the Department of International Law is committed to actively participating in higher professional training of Hungarian civil servants. The knowledge of international institutions, procedures and legal instruments is vital in public service and diplomatic service. The Department is committed to contributing to the university’s training programs by widening the career perspectives of students at international level. 

The Department offers courses at BA, MA and PhD levels in international law, mainly focusing on introductory courses on public international law and specializations in international human and minority rights law, law of armed conflicts, international humanitarian law, etc.

The Department is committed to effective, innovative, up-to-date, research-based and interactive teaching methods.

The Department places special emphasis on providing students not only with theoretical knowledge, but also knowledge and competencies that can be used in practice, thus familiarizing students with the legal institutions and challenges of international relations.

The Department is also actively involved in organizing extra-curricular trainings in co-operation with international partners, such as the Global Minority Rights Summer School.

The Department professionally supports and encourages the research programs of the scholars, as well as actively participates in the talent development activity of the Faculty by organizing and operating scientific student groups and getting involved in the work of professional colleges. The main fields of research cover international humanitarian law, international law of armed conflicts, international human rights protection law, and in particular various aspects of international protection of minorities.

The staff of the Department is involved in several international and inter-institutional research projects. The Department is also active in organising professional forums and conferences, and to participate in them.