Department of Human Resources

Head of Department: Dr. Zoltán Hazafi, associate professor


The Department pursues a complex, interdisciplinary approach to civil service as it deals with both the legal regulation of the public service (labour law and civil service law) and HRM (human resource management) aspects in an international and comparative perspective.The main professional specializations of the Department are as follows: labour law and public service law; comparative (EU and international) public service law, strategic HRM planning, performance management, coaching.


The academic community of the Department of Human Resources is committed to actively participating in the higher professional trainings of Hungarian civil servants and increasing the competence and capability of public service personnel.

Developing coordinated and strategically planned public service training, facilitating mobility among public service career models, as well as the overall vision of a value-based, professional, capable and responsive public service system are among the most important values and goals of the Department.

The Department believes that a trusted and capable public service necessitates the ability to identify the needed skills and competencies, to align public employment systems to utilize those skills and competencies, expand them, and inspire their use.


The Department offers courses at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels on civil service law, labour law, the European and comparative dimensions of civil service systems and careers and HRM.

The Department is committed to effective, innovative, up-to-date, research-based and interactive teaching methods.

The Department places special emphasis on equipping students not only with theoretical knowledge, but also with knowledge and competencies that can be used in practice, thus facilitating their placement in the public service.

The Department is also actively involved in various specialized in-service and professional Lifelong Learning training programmes offered for civil servants.


The Department professionally supports and encourages the research programs of the scholars, as well as actively participates in the talent development activity of the Faculty by organizing and operating scientific student groups and getting involved in the work of the professional colleges.

The staff of the Department is involved in several EU-funded and other research projects. The Department considers it important to organize and support professional forums and conferences, and to participate in them.

The Department is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to public service research in order to examine employment in the public service from several aspects, including regulation (labour law and civil service law), labour market aspects, human resource management etc. The Department believes that the results of its research can also be channelled into governmental decision-making.



Office: H-1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82., Educational Centre, Office 445.
Phone: +36 1 432 9000 / 20117