Department of European Studies

Head of Department: Dr. Boglárka Koller, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, university professor

Dr. Koller graduated from the Corvinus University, Budapest as an economist in 1998; she also holds an MA in Nationalism Studies from the Central European University and an MSc in European Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her main research areas are governance and policy-making in the EU, history and theories of integration, differentiated integration and multi-speed Europe, identity issues and Euroscepticism East-Central Europe. She defended her PhD thesis (The dynamic model of the post-national identity structure) in 2004. She has numerous publications on European integration.







The Department of European Studies (DES) conducts multidisciplinary research in relation with the history and present challenges of the European Integration as part of the specialty field of European Studies.

The Mission of the Department is to educate and train professionals to work in the Hungarian Administration or the institutions and other bodies of the European Union and International Organisations, obtaining a high-level of theoretical and practical knowledge, and at the same time being competitive even on an international level, in order to provide high-quality and continuously available human resources which is considered to be a necessity for the effective representation of Hungarian national interests.

The Department of European Studies, as an acclaimed knowledge centre, creates synergy between research and education activities in the multidisciplinary specialty field of European Studies.

Regarding the training programmes of the University, the education portfolio of the Department contains the subjects related to European Integration, therefore, the courses in the programmes of Bachelor's Degree in International Administration, the Bachelor's and Master’s Degrees of Public Administration Management, the Master’s Degree of International Public Service Relations, the Bachelor's and Master’s Degrees of International Security and Defence Policy and the English language Master’s Degree of International Public Service Relations, as well as courses of other training modules of the University, such as the European Studies course of the Ludoviceum.

The Department is also responsible for the Hungarian and English language academic programmes of the Master’s Degree in International Relations.

Furthermore, the Department is conducting, amongst others, the education of subjects such as the Thought of Unity and the History of Integration, the Policies, Institutions and Decision-making Procedures of the EU, the EU Political System, comparative studies/analyses of EU Member States as well as subjects introducing current political trends and public agendas of the Union.

The main focus of research at the Department is the European Integration, with particular attention to the interpretation and analysis of the European unification process in light of its responses to the political, economic and social aspects of the challenges posed by the recent crisis; the differentiated forms of co-operation in the European Union; Processes of Europeanization and representation of National interests in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as, regional models of multi-level governance (MLG). Other areas of research in the profile of the Department include the Europeanization of the Western-Balkan Region and the follow-up of the Brexit process.

In the course of talent management, the professors and lecturers of the Department are actively contributing to the preparation of students participating in academic student competitions, the assistance of those students, who are part of the New National Excellence Programme (Új Nemzeti Kiválósági Program), and the mentoring of the student fellows of the International and European College (Nemzetközi és Európai Szakkollégium), as well as, the PhD Programmes of the University both as supervisors and theme providers. The research field of International and European Studies of the Doctoral School of Public Administration Sciences  is lead by the Head of the DES.

The Department is actively involved in the editorship of the European Mirror, the scientific journal of  Ludovika-University of Public Service.


Office: H-1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér 2, Ludovika Campus, Office 120.
Phone: +36 1 432 9000 / 20828