Department of Digital Media and Communication

The digitalisation processes of public service and especially of diplomatic communication represent a new potential. Serving as a research as well as teaching workshop too, our department contributes to the educational and research innovations in a unique way not only in Hungary, but also in Europe. This can be strengthened by the involvement of the existing professional networks in the process of internationalisation (with partners from Germany, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Romania, and others).

The Department is linked to research groups in the field of visual manipulation and science communication (CGI-Deepfake Research Group, TudCom Science Communication Research Group), so the Department also functions as a research workshop in addition to its teaching tasks. Research activities are supported by the scientific journal Filoló the "A" rated journal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, founded in 2010, which is published by Ludovika University Publishing House from 2023 onwards, with the collaboration of the Department's staff as editors-in-chief.

The Department of Digital Media and Communication was created from the Department of Social Communication as of 1 January 2023, therefore strengthening research and teaching in the field of public service, digitalisation, and communication at our university, enabling new synergies.

The founding head of the department is Dr. Ágnes Veszelszki, her colleagues are Dr. Gábor Kovács, Associate Professor, and Kincső Szabó, Assistant Professor.