Department of Cybersecurity introduction

The Department of Cybersecurity was not born withouth precedent. In 2014, the Department of Information Security was established within the Faculty of Public Administration of our university, which provided training for electronic information security managers to comply with the Act L of 2013 on the Electronic Information Security of State and Local Government Bodies, and operated as an independent department until 2016.  

The continously growing, and globally affecting cyber-attacks, and the state sector's need for information security managers made a need for establishing UPS's Cybersecurity Academy, which had a declard goal to provide university level cyberseucirty trainings, which will primarly provide highly trained experts for the state sector, and to private companies to fill the shortage in experts.

The Cybersecurity Master (in hungarian) has started in 2020, which is our Department's main focus. The training implements the spirit of our university, considering it has a strong bond with cybersecurity focused Departments and lecturers from the University's other faculties.

The cooperation does not end only with the field of education, our lecturers have a strong incentive to nurture talents and harmonius work with our students, which often results our students participating in common research projects. Moreover our students have won multiple international cybersecurity competetions, and their thesises and papers often receive leading results at the Institutional and National Conferences of Scientific Students. 

Our University's leadership has agreed that the field of cybersecurity requires more support, and to assist with the new tasks in 1st of February, 2023 the Department of Cybersecurity was established from the Department of Public Management and Information Technology.

The Department is responsible for teaching cybersecurity regulations and standards, data protection law, risk management, the application of security technologies, cybersecurity strategy and management, as well as other subjects related to information security, cybersecurity and data protection.