Department of Civilistics

Head of Department: Dr. Tekla Papp, professor


The main purpose and mission of the Department of Civilistics is to participate fully in a multi-faceted way both in the educational programs and the research activities of the University of Public Service and in its Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies. Many of our colleagues currently work in practice e.g. in the Court of Arbitration or as lawyers where they can apply civil law and integrate their experiences in their teaching materials.

To reach its mission, the Department of Civilistics offers a wide range of courses for students at bachelor (BA), master (MA) and doctoral levels as well. In its courses, the Department of Civilistics aims to emphasize and demonstrate the complex relationships between private and public law to raise awareness of the importance of comprehensive knowledge. Besides theoretical knowledge, we think judicial and everyday practice must be taken into consideration in education therefore, we also emphasize its importance. The colleagues of the Department hold the following courses: private law (general rules, law of persons, rights in rem, family law, general contractual rules, contracts in private law and public law; inheritance law); private law aspects of public administration; company law; public procurements; state support and competition law; business management – corporate governance; international business law.

The Department provides numerous opportunities for both colleagues and students to develop their skills and knowledge. The Department of Civilistics regularly organizes national and international conferences and workshops to provide platforms for gaining and improving knowledge and facilitate scientific discussions.

The Department of Civilistics aims to build and develop connections with students to nurture talent and raise interest. There are various programs (presentations, visiting different institutes among others) within the framework of Civil Law Students’ Scientific Association. The Department has a cooperation with Magyary Zoltán College for Advanced Studies; therefore, Private Law Research Group was founded in 2019.

The Department of Civilistics recognizes the importance of developing connections with other Departments of the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies and also means to cooperate with Hungarian and foreign scientists and universities. The colleagues of the Department of Civilistics participate in several research projects and they frequently publish their scientific achievements and results. Our actual research projects cover the following areas: e.g. theory of legal persons, public law aspects of personality rights, state intervention and family law, digitalisation in private law, subsidies from the aspect of economic competition, challenges in contract law (complex contracts and smart contracts), European Model Company Act (EMCA), common points of social security and insurance contracts.


Office: H-1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82., Educational Centre, Office 452.
Phone: +36 1 432 9000 / 20726