Military Examination Centre



Andrejkovicsné Tanner Tímea
Acting Head of Centre



Office: H-1101 Budapest, Hungária krt. Zrínyi Campus Building I. Room 012.
Phone: (36) 1 432 9000/ 29006


The Military Examination Centre (MEC) started its operation in September 2013 as it received the legislation background which includes the working criteria of the centre. The MEC works as a functional organisational unit, subordinated to the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training of Ludovika - University of Public Service, supervised by the Dean of the faculty.

The MEC’s mission is to prepare, transact and control the officer and non-commissioned officer classification and certification examinations based on voluntary application.

The main tasks for the centre are as follows:

  • establish and operate the classification and certification exam required for a performance-based advancement system;
  • plan and coordinate the elaboration of the education packages, in accordance with the general military requirements for all ranks; and
  • coordinate the establishment and the operation of the performance-based E-learning system which helps candidates to prepare for the exam.

The MEC’s goal is to support a fair and objective selection system through the compliance of the exam requirements. To achieve this, the centre provides every device and resource needed for the preparation.

Besides these tasks, there are some additional activities conducted by the MEC:

  • holding exams required from the university’s educational units;
  • other exams – based on requests from military bodies – preparation and conducting tests.


The centre has been very active since the very beginning of its fundation. Before the first classification and certification exams started, MEC got several requests, mostly from the Joint Force Command, within the first period. Squad-leaders took exams and the cooperation started with the HDF Peace Support Training Centre, based on an agreement. Requests arrived from the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training of Ludovika - University of Public Service to conduct examinations affecting officer cadets and students.

The Military Examination Centre executes about 3000 exams every year.