General Staff Training Institute


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General Staff Training Institute

The General Staff Training Institute - as the highest level organization of the national military education system - offers an 11-month resident program (Senior Military Leader Postgraduate University Level Program) for senior staff officers.

The Programs curriculum prepares the selected military leaders (resident, foreign) for the responsibilities of strategic leadership and educates them on the development and employment of strategic power.

Furthermore, its intent to:

  • Facilitate the strategic-minded thinking of students;
  • Develop and enhances their abilities for General Staff-level command and responsibilities;
  • Enhance students’ abilities to think critically about strategic military concepts in a dynamic international environment;
  • Broaden students’ understanding of the nature of conflicts and current and future threats to Hungary and its NATO allies;
  • Develop and enhances students’ abilities to plan and execute National and NATO joint planning process (COPD) and joint operations to support the Hungarian General Staff.

Upon graduation, our students will be prepared to fill leadership positions in the national strategic environment or as advisors to the senior leadership of the Ministry of Defence or other NATO / EU organization.

The Senior Military Leader Postgraduate University Level Program is a graduate school, granting a certificate of Higher Military Leadership.

The present (720 classes) curriculum in 2 semesters focuses on expanding the understanding of air and army power and on the preparation of high career-officers.