Department of Operational Logistics

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Our Department was established on July 1, 2012. In organizational terms, it is a “young” department. However, in military higher education, the training of operation level logistics managers has a long history, as before 2012, the training of these professionals took place in the predecessor institutions.

The mission of the Department is to contribute to the training of logistics experts for the Hungarian Defence Forces through the pursuit of high-quality education, learning and research within the organization of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training of the University of Public Service.

The Department’s core values are as follows:

·        freedom of thought and expression

·        the encouragement of a questioning spirit

·        an extensive range of academic subjects in all major subject groups

·        quality and depth of provision across all subjects

·        the close inter-relationship between teaching and research

Admission to our form of training represented by the Curriculum takes place in a closed enrollment system, and only military logistics specialists with the qualifications specified in the start-up documents can continue their studies with us. However, our department is open, our lecturers participate in the education of students of other undergraduate and master's studies of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training, as well as in the courses organized by the Hungarian Defence Forces. The staff of the Department consists of lecturers with huge experience and professional knowledge that meet the requirements of higher education. Our lecturers participate in the training and research activities of the Doctoral School of Military Sciences and also the Doctoral School of Military Engineering, as well as in the teacher mobility programs provided by the Erasmus program. Our former students’ excellent performance with the units and military organizations of the Hungarian Defence Forces, as well as on military missions and operations all around the world is highly recognized.

Our department is open because we know that in our constantly changing world, not only the activities of the military, but all areas of the social and economic spheres would be unimaginable without the support of logistics systems and logistics professionals who operate and serve them.

We are proud of our Czech, Austrian and British partner institutions, with whom we participate in jointly organized exercises and training programs, providing our lecturers and students with the opportunity to establish contacts with our foreign partners and exchange our experiences.

On our website you can get acquainted with our lecturers, instructors, and study program.

Colonel József Péter Venekei PhD

Associate Professor, Head of Department