Department of Operational Logistics

Thank you for visiting our department's homepage. The Department of Operational Logistics of Ludovika - University of Public Service Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training was established on July 1, 2012. In organizational terms, this is a "young" department.

However, the training of the logistics leaders in the operational and strategic level in the military higher education (warlords; lodging masters; prospective leaders in the military; military, technical, and logistics services) has been looking back for decades. We consider that the predecessor of our department is the training units for advanced logistics professionals of the Hungarian Royal Military Academy, the Military Academy of Miklós Zrínyi and the Miklós Zrínyi National Defense University.

The basic function of the department is to organize a master's degree in military operational logistics and to provide a high level of education in the organization of Ludovika - University of Public Service Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training. Enrollment in the form of training takes place in a closed enrollment system, and military logistics professionals as defined in the Specialization and Starting Documents may pursue their studies. However, our department is open, and our instructors are involved in the education of other undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training. At Ludovika - University of Public Service, our education unit organizes public service logistics training in accordance with the requirements of the new public service training system. Our instructors participate in the training and research programs of the Doctoral School of the Military Sciences and in the supervising and research leading of the Doctoral School of Military Engineering. Our department is open because we know that in our changing world, not only the military but all areas of the social and economic sphere would be inconceivable without the support of logistics systems.

Dear Visitor! Visit our website to learn about the educational programs of the department and the work of our staff. Thank you for your kind attention.

Lieutenant-Colonel Dr. Attila Horváth

head of department, associate professor