Department of Natural Science

Department of Natural Science

Head of Department: István Horváth, PhD, Professor

The Department of Natural Science has a history of several decades in higher and military education. We teach calculus, vector algebra and other higher mathematics as well as optics, kinematics, mechanics, atomic physics and decision theory.

The main research topics of the Department are: gamma-ray bursts, axiomatic foundations of relativity theories, dynamics of artificial satellites and exoplanets, critical infrastructure protection and network science. The research of the Department is supported by several Hungarian Scientific Research Fund grants. The members of the Department publish regularly in high quality peer reviewed international journals, such as Astrophysical Journal, Classical and Quantum Gravity, Foundations of Physics, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and Reports on Mathematical Physics.

The Department has always devoted extra energy to the development of gifted and talented students. As a result of these efforts our students successfully participate in the Hajós György National Mathematics Competitions, as well as at the Student’s Scientific Conferences.