Department of Defence Law and Administration

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The establishment of the Department was decided by the Directorate of the National University of Public Service in the spring of 2017 and the Senate of   Service has appointed it by its Decree no. 39/2017 (IV.5.). The aim of our Department is to revitalize the educational and research traditions of the predecessor institutions in the field of defence law and administration and to continue to educate them in the context of an independent organizational element.

The Department of Defence Law and Administration's research and education portfolio unites the national defence aspects of state sciences and jurisprudence with the practical experience of the administration of defence and the organizational peculiarities of military life.

Our department is an "intellectual centre" that combines the experience of defence and public administration, the training of Hungarian officers, military and administrative training related to defence. This endeavour is reflected in the function and personal composition of the Department as well.

In our research portfolio, we have identified four areas:

1. Military Law (Law of Armed Conflicts and Belligerent Occupation)

2. Defence Law

3. Defence Administration

4. Regulatory possibilities of dealing with religious extremities.

The main objective of our activity is to carry out educational tasks, to improve the education of defence law and administration, and to develop research departmental activities that can be used as results in scientific life and can be utilized in central administration and legislation as well.


Prof. Dr. Balázs Gellér 

Head of the Department, Professor

Research Teams of the Department of Defence Law and Administration:

1.      Research Team of Defence Administration

2.      Research Team of Law of Defence and War 

3.      Research Team of Religion and Security