Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training

hhk image 151 vulevityxxThe Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training is the legal successor of Miklós Zrínyi National Defense University, established in 1996. Hungarian officer training, with a history of nearly 200 years, continues at the Faculty, within Ludovika - University of Public Service since 1 January 2012.

The Faculty educates professional military officers in the fields of infantry, armour, artillery, reconnaissance, maintenance, logistics, military engineering, signalling, nuclear chemical biological and air defence. Besides gaining the highest standard of professional education, students learn about the traditions and the commitment required, enabling them to deal with the greatest challenges of our decade. Our University is the only one entitled to provide BSc and MSc degrees in military sciences and to educate military officers in Hungary. Owing to the special nature of these professions, education is tailored according to the needs of the Ministry of Defence and the National Defence Forces. However, the Faculty has done a great job in improving the quality of training according to common European standards of military education.
The Faculty is also responsible for educating civil experts in the national and international defence spheres in the fields of engineering or security policy. Graduates are guaranteed a job and many of them have an international career in notable international organisations, such as NATO or the European Union. The highest level of in-service further training is also incorporated to the Faculty – graduates of the General Staff College regularly fulfil the highest positions in military services. In addition, the Faculty carries out grandiose research projects often in international consortium.

img 0005xxThe Faculty's main Campus (Hungária krt. 9-11.) is located near downtown Budapest, guaranteeing spectacular views from many of the classrooms. Seminar rooms, special language labs, a library with more than 500 thousand books, sport facilities, a restaurant and a buffet are all at the disposal of our cadets and students. The department of Air Force of the Faculty is located in Szolnok.

There are a number of student organisations that help our students both represent their interests and extend their academic and military knowledge. In addition to the Student Union, special student organisations such as the Advanced College for Security Policy and Puskás Tivadar Advanced College play a significant role in this respect. These self-motivated student groups organise a wide range of professional, cultural and entertaining programmes.