Department of Disaster Management Operations

Department of Disaster Management Operations


Simultaneously with the renewal of civil protection, which is regarded as the second field of disaster management, the Department of Disaster Management Operations started its operation in the organization of the Institute of Disaster Management in 2012. By teaching the department’s technical subjects, the teachers of the department prepare the students to be able to carry out the operational tasks in the fields of disaster prevention, the coordination, the management of protection, and the consequence-management of the restoration period.  Since 2013, the specialty of disaster management operations as a BA programme has been operating, where specialists are provided for professional disaster management bodies, public administration organizations, local governments and economic organizations. In the MA programme, the managers of civil defence, public administration and defence administration are prepared to be able to carry out the professional tasks. The personnel of the department belong to the professional staff of disaster management and hold officer ranks. The teachers of the department participate in the researches of the scientific fields aimed at the development of disaster protection law and the institutional system, belonging to the doctoral training in law enforcement and military engineering.


Head of Department of the Theory of Investigation

The Head of the Department of Disaster Management Operations is Dr. József Ambrusz, Honorary Fire-Fighter Colonel, and Assistant Professor. Dr. Ambrusz has a degree in border protection, education, human resource management and defence administration management. He has more than ten years of professional leadership experience in the organisation of disaster management in the field of disaster recovery and reconstruction, population preparedness and communication. He also participated in the establishment and development of the Hungarian higher education of civil protection.



Contact Information

Department of Disaster Management Operations

Postal address: 1441 Bp. Pf. 60. (P.O. Box)

Office: 1101. Budapest. Hungária krt. 9-11. Building 6.


Telephone: 00 36 1 432-9000/29-657

Head of Department: Dr. Ambrusz József Honorary Fire-Fighter Colonel, Assistant Professor