Department of Law Enforcement Theory and Law Enforcement History

Department of Law Enforcement Theory and Law Enforcement History


1.      Presentation of the department

The department was acknowledged  and established by the Senate of the NUPS in accordance with the decision of MAB (Hungarian Accreditation Committee) 2012/8 / III / 2/2. (28.09.2012), as the Department of Law Enforcement Theory and Law Enforcement History, by decision no. 131/2013 (IX. 11.), with effect as of 1 October 2013.

The department’s staff covers ongoing research and publication in the domain of national and internationalan law enforcement theory and history, and organizes symposia, workshops, and conferences for the release of the latest research results.

The teaching staff of the department actively participates in the national and international public life of professional science and conferences.

The members of the Department announce research topics and courses related to the law enforcement theory and law enforcement history, and take part in the management and organized events of the Doctoral School of Law Enforcement.

The field of responsibility of the department  mainly deals with the elaboration of the law enforcement theory of law enforcement science, the transfer of law enforcement history knowledge leading to the development of a new discipline, and the research supporting it. It implements the systematic transfer of the context of profession-specific, mainly theoretical management of science and historical knowledge in the field of law enforcement. With its professional attitude-forming activity, it promotes the proper socialization of law enforcement, at the same time it provides a complex preparation for a modern and international outlook, thus creating one of the most secure leadership selection and recruitment bases for the law enforcement organizations involved. The Department plays a role in the work of the Faculty of Law Enforcement and, as appropriate, other educational units of the University, supporting basic, master's and PhD courses, and actively participates in the preparation and management of the university's public service internship as one of its main organizers. Its educational activity also extends to educational units with a broader basis of law enforcement theory and law enforcement history, within the framework of which it continuously develops the curricula related to the subjects.


2.       Brief introduction of the head of the organizational unit:

Dr. János Sallai János p. Colonel, Head of Department, graduated from the Lajos Kossuth Military College with a degree in border guard pedagogy. He gained his team experience at the Rábafüzes border guard, where he served as deputy guard commander between 1982-84. After that, he taught border guarding, terrain and border history at the Border Guard Department of the Lajos Kossuth Military College. Between 1989-92 he graduated from the ZMKA Border Guard. In 1994, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in border and map history, and in 2002, his Ph. D dissertation in history from state and ethnic border history. In 2006 he was a honorary college teacher at the University of Szeged. In 2008 he habilitated at the University of Debrecen. Since 2010 he has been a college and then a university professor at Kodolányi János University. Since 2012 he has been an associate professor at the UPS, and since 2013 he has been the head of the department at the UPS, Faculty of Law Enforcment, Department of Law Enforcement Theory and Law Enforcement History. He is currently the head of the research area of ​​the Doctoral School of Law Enforcement, a topic and course advertiser.


3.       Contact information

Dr. János Sallai p. Colonel

Head of Department, university professor

1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82.

Education Center III. floor 343.

Phone: + 36-1-432-9000 / 19-189




Education Center 2nd floor 232.

Phone: + 36-1-432-9000 / 19-441

Extension: 19-441


Ildikó Szabóné Marót

secretarial section assistant