Department of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes

Department of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes

The educational objectives of the subjects Foreign Language, General Language for Law Enforcement (BA programmes) and Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) (MA programmes) are the acquisition of languages for law enforcement, based on the intermediate (B2) level knowledge of general foreign languages and the development of communicative competences in English, German and Russian. Students possessing a certificate of an advanced level (C1) language examination have the opportunity to learn Chinese.

The purpose of language training is the acquisition of foreign languages and terminology used in law enforcement and the language fields related to the communicative circumstances of the particular areas of law enforcement as well as the development of LSP abilities and skills, communicative language competences and their usage related to general and professional contexts, situations, topics, corpora and tasks.

The opportunity for the students to elect a foreign language to study is in accordance with the Institutional Development Plan of the University, according to which the tuition of a specific-purpose language (primarily English) is obligatory on a level that enables the students to participate in international communication and mobility. It is by providing high-level specific purpose language tuition that we can achieve our main objective, i.e. to help the students acquire a practical knowledge of a foreign language, which, on the one hand, will enable them to study the special literature in a foreign language needed for their profession, and, on the other hand, will offer the opportunity for a growing number of students to study or spend their work placement abroad or even to be involved in international, professional projects and operations after graduation.

Our teachers regularly publish papers in Hungarian, foreign and international journals, primarily on LSP research, and also participate in LSP and linguistic conferences, where they give lectures in both Hungarian and foreign languages.

Head of Department of the Theory of Investigation

Dr. Gabriella Ürmösné Simon PhD has been teaching English for specific purposes for law enforcement officers at the National University of Public Service on the Faculty of Law Enforcement for 23 years. She is an assistant professor, and the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes. Besides her Applied Linguistic PhD studies and researches mainly in psycholinguistics, gender linguistics, at the ELTE University Faculty of Humanities, she has been indulged in the study of English for law enforcement and ESP topics, for 23 years. She has published two ESP dictionaries with the lexemes of specific purposes terms, and two course books for law enforcement officers, comprising ESP issues, and she has issued more than 34 publications on ESP materials as well. Her professional interests involve the improving of ESP topics, and researching on forensic linguistics, gender linguistics, psycholinguistics, and bilingualism with a special emphasis on Greek-Hungarian bilinguals. She has already issued more 18 publications on Applied Linguistics, and has more than 4 law enforcement related scientific studies.

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Department of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes

Postal address: 1441 Bp. Pf. 60. (P.O. Box)

Office: 1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82., University of Public Service Educational Centre, Room Nr. 320.


Telephone: 00 36 1 432 9000/19283

Head of Department: Dr. Gabriella Ürmösné Simon PhD, assistant professor

Secretariat: Rita Győr-Katona