Department of Criminal Law

Department of Criminal Law


Criminal law is a highly significant and major branch of law in the system of criminal sciences. Students need to possess comprehensive, skill-level knowledge of criminal law in order to understand other fields of criminal sciences (subjects) and to acquire the theoretical and legal fundamentals necessary for mastering them. 

It is the responsibility of the Department of Criminal Law to introduce students to and train them in one of the basic sciences of the curriculum for law enforcement officers. The Department has been playing a key role in the higher education of law enforcement and public security officers from the time of the foundation of the Police College, the legal predecessor of the Faculty of Law Enforcement of the National University of Public Service. Initially, the Department of Criminal Law, with previous names such as the Department of Criminal Sciences and later the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, offered courses in almost all fields of criminal sciences including criminal substantive and procedural law as well as criminology. The Institute of Criminal Sciences was established at the Faculty of Law Enforcement of the National University of Public Service in 2012, and since the dissolution of the institute in 2019, it has continued to work under the name Department of Criminal Law focusing on teaching various subjects related to criminal substantive law. 

The core activities of the Department include offering basic criminal law courses essential for the education and training of law enforcement officers in higher education, carrying out research, which supports and lays the foundations for teaching those courses, whereas it also includes the teaching and research activity as regards international criminal cooperation.

Our Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) programme aims at providing students with theoretical and effective legal knowledge, which, completed with practical skills and experience, will enable them to perform special tasks of applying the law, enforce legality, as well as to appropriately interpret and apply criminal legislation undergoing amendments in the meantime. During our Masters of Arts degree (M.A.) programme, students get a deeper insight into international criminal law, tools and instruments of international criminal cooperation and the EU criminal policy, which is a significant pillar and precondition of leadership work in all areas of law enforcement.


Head of Department of Criminal Law

Professor Dr. Péter Polt PhD, university professor, simultaneously holding the office of the Prosecutor General of Hungary. The Head of Department has been actively involved in the teaching and lecturing activity of the Department since 2012, and he has been heading the Department since 2015. His present field of research includes the criminal law protection of the financial interests of the EU, international criminal cooperation, the “EPPO”, and the issue of personal immunity in criminal law.  



Contact Information:

Department of Criminal Law

Postal address: 1441 Bp. Pf. 60. (P.O. Box)

Office: 1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82. University of Public Service Educational Centre, Room Nr. 231.


Telephone: 00 36 1 432 9019

Head of Department: Professor Dr. Péter Polt PhD, university professor

Secretariat: Anita Fodor