Department of Administrative Policing and International Law Enforcement

1. Introduction of the department


The Department of Administrative Policing and International Law Enforcement is the newest department of the Faculty of Law Enforcement since it began to function on February 1, 2021.The Department is the legal successor of the Department of Public Law and Law Enforcement and the Department of International and European Law Enforcement, thus it manages a wide range of educational and scientific portfolios. Within this, at several faculties of the university it performs the teaching tasks of the subjects related to the field of law enforcement law, administrative policing, law enforcement administration, violation law. It also performs the related scientific research tasks that form the basis of the organization of education and the teaching of subjects.

In addition to teaching administrative law topics of key importance for law enforcement activities and the operation of law enforcement bodies, the department also performs the tasks related to the care of the specialties as a specialist department of public and police administration. It performs the teaching tasks of the subjects related to the field of international law enforcement law, international and EU law enforcement and law enforcement co-operation at the faculties of the University of Public Service, and the related educational organization tasks. The staff of the Department conducts research in order to get to know the police of other countries and besides that they develop curricula related to the subjects. One of the main tasks of the Department is to expand the international professional and scientific relations of the University in the field of law enforcement, to further develop the existing relations (such as CEPOL) and to represent the University in international forums.



2. Brief introduction of the head of the organizational unit:


The head of the Department is Dr. Gábor Buzás, Lieutenant Colonel, Assistant Professor. The head of the department joined the staff of the Salgótarján Police Headquarters in 1989. He worked in a number of areas and positions in the law enforcement branch. In 1998, he started teaching at the legal predecessor of the University of Public Service, at the Department of Public Order. He currently belongs to the staff of the National Police Headquarters. His research interests include official and police measures, law enforcement procedures, and certain areas of law enforcement history.



2.    Contact information:

Dr. Gábor Buzás p. lieutenant colonel, commissioned head of department, assistant professor



1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82.

Educational Center (Oktatási Központ) floor III. 323.

Telephone: +36-1-432-9000/19-158





Zsuzsanna Rákosi

department administrator



Educational Center (Oktatási Központ) Floor 3., 322.
Telephone: +36-1-432-9000/19-170
Extension: 19-170