Degree Programs

Criminal Administration BA
(in Hungarian)

Specializations in:

  • Criminal Intelligence
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Economic Crime Investigation
  • Financial Investigation

Graduates are qualified to investigative crimes by acquiring skills allowing them to carry out necessary tasks, including: the organization of investigations, planning the gathering of data, the detection and taking of evidence, as well as required administrative activities. Graduates usually begin their professional career with the Police or at the National Tax and Customs Administration.
The Criminal Intelligence specialisation aims to train students to become experts in knowing criminals’ modus operandi, and the relevant legislative background of gathering secret intelligence. The knowledge of Criminology dominates within the Criminal Investigation specialisation. Here, graduates study the prevention, investigation, and providing of evidence for crimes. Within the Economic Crime Investigation, specialisation graduates become experts capable of recognising economic crimes, identifying their legal properties, and revealing them independently. Within the Financial Investigation specialisation, participants gain knowledge that comes under the remit of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (e.g. studies in excise duty, tax and tariff).


Law Enforcement Administration BA
(in Hungarian)

Specializations in:

  • Private Security
  • Prison Studies
  • Administrative Policing
  • Border Policing
  • Migration Policing
  • Traffic Policing
  • Public Order Policing
  • Customs and Excise Administration

Graduates in Law Enforcement Administration are able to choose among a wide variety of specializations, offering them a personalized education. Graduates of the Private Security specialisation can work in different positions with civilian companies protecting persons and property, or armed security companies. Graduates of the Corrections specialisation can carry out special administration, official, guarding and protection tasks as they guard, educate, and rehabilitate inmates. Border Policing specialists are prepared for carrying out tasks in the field of border control, border surveillance and criminal investigation, border policing administration, alien administration, and asylum.
The aim of the Traffic Policing specialisation is to help students acquire the necessary knowledge of traffic control and checks. Graduates of the Administrative Policing specialization have a wide ranging knowledge of administrative policing. Public Order specialisation graduates are trained to organise and carry out leadership tasks in activities related to police support units, maintaining public order, and managing special situations. Customs and Excise Administration specialists learn about special legislation related to tariff, tariff policy, excise, tariff and trade.


Law Enforcement MA
(in Hungarian)

Specializations in:

  • Law Enforcement Theory
  • Law Enforcement Manager
  • Police Support Units
  • Analysis and Assessment
  • Prevention of Organized Crime

Employees of the armed forces, officers with at least two year professional experience are able to deepen their knowledge and advance their career throughout this Master’s programme. This program prepares candidates to successfully fulfil middle and top management positions.
In addition to deepening their professional knowledge, the program aims to develop their leadership and management skills. Activities related to leadership, especially in the field of law enforcement also require special personal attributes and competences, such as taking personal responsibility, decisiveness and problem recognition and problem solving skills. Their studies also embrace the special fields of security policy, policing administration, national security and law enforcement technology, psychology, pedagogy, economy and logistics, HR management and general quality assurance.