The Faculty of Law Enforcement is located in Budapest at the Ludovika University Campus. Although most of the departments and the leadership of the Faculty are located in the Educational Centre, one part of the classes takes place in the Law Enforcement Educational Building and Residence Hall (1089 Budapest, Diószegi Sámuel str. 38–42), which has several rooms designed especially for law enforcement education: interrogation room (also suitable to do police lineups and polygraph examination), a room for questioned document examination, two criminalistics labs equipped with crime scene investigation tools, a vehicle examination bay, a scene house (a simulated environment consisting of a pub, a bank and an apartment), a room for the administration of arrests, a photo lab, a simulated prison cell and a simulated border checkpoint as well. The students of the Faculty of Law Enforcement are trained to use handguns (semi-automatic pistols) in the indoor shooting range of the university at the campus called Ludovika Rifle-Club.