FPGIS Orientation Day for the incoming Erasmus students

In accordance with tradition the semi-annual informational event, called Orientation Day was held by the International Division of the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies for the Erasmus+ scholarship students in the 2021-2022 Spring Semester. The event which is now scheduled for the registration period, was organized online for safer access and to provide useful information for students before arriving to Budapest.

The event was opened by the International Vice-Dean, Péter Krisztián Zachar. He presented the history and structure of the University and the Faculty, the topics taught and the foreign language programs, as well as the courses offered this semester. He described the professional, sports and recreational opportunities provided by the campus.
This was followed by video messages from teachers in which they greeted students and talked about their foreign language subject being taught and the topics they were researching. Thus, the students were able to get a taste of the foreign language courses they can take in the Neptune system until Sunday.
The second section of the event was about the administrative information, so Zsombor Artner, the Erasmus student coordinator of the Faculty and Gergő Drahota of the Study Department introduced themselves and presented the current information and deadlines. The international committee of the faculty’s Students’ Union described its activities and members, after the staff answered students’ questions.  
Both the incoming students and the staff of FPGIS are very much looking forward to the personal meeting and the months spent together, because it feels good to get to know each other, listen to stories, learn about other cultures, and last but not least face professional challenges.