Entry Requirements for International Relations

International Relations MA


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Application form Online Application Form  Sumbit


CV ‘Europass’ CV in English Upload
3 Motivation Letter ‘Europass’ Motivaion Letter in English Upload
4 Passport Copy of your Passport which needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of Application Upload
5 Bachelor's Degree Copy of Bachelor’s Degree with a certified English translation Upload
6 Transcript of Records Copy of the Transcript of Records of your studies in which you obtained the submitted Degree/Diploma with an English translation Upload
7 Application Fee Payment Proof of Transfer of EUR 150 Application Fee Payment Upload
8 Medical Certificate/Vaccination Booklet   Upload
  *Certificate of Language Proficiency IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 60, CEFR B2 or higher or equivalent Upload

Faculty Contacts:
Address: H-1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82.
Postal Address: 1519 Budapest, P.O. Box: 275.
E-mail Address:

Minimum Entry Requirements for the Program:

In order to be eligible for admission to a Master's Program at Ludovika - UPS,  at least 60 ECTS credits should be acknowledged for your previous studies in the following fields of knowledge:

-Social Sciences:  Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology,

-Legal Sciences and Management: Public Law and Private Law, Constitutional Law, Public Administration, Public Governance, Business Law,

-Economic Sciences: Economics, Macro-and Microeconomics, Business Economics, Basics of Finance, International Economics,

-Political Sciences: Political Thinking, Political History, International Relations,

-Culture and Linguistics: Economic History, Social History, Cultural History, Linguistics, Philology.

It is the condition of entry to the master’s training that at least 30 ECTS credits should be acknowledged in the above mentioned fields of knowledge. The missing credits must be obtained parallel with the master’s program within two semesters upon admittance.
In order to verify your credit status you will be required to fill in a form that indicates your completed courses, their ECTS credit value and the related area to which they belong. You will be asked to submit the officially certified course programmes and their English translation so we can verify the content of the courses.

Credit Application Form can be downloaded here.