Plan your arrival

Before moving to a new country, you will have to gain a huge amount of information related to everyday life and academic affairs as well. The more you are prepared, the easier your life will be while studying at Ludovika-UPS.

We highly recommend to carefully prepare your travel according to the following points:

  1. Check the visa requirements related to your sending country and nationality, well in advance of before your travel. Applying for a visa for non-European resident might take several weeks.
  2. Arrange your accommodation before arriving to Hungary.
  3. Arrange your trip to Hungary in advance. Book a flight/train/bus ticket in time.
  4. Get information about your existing health insurance and take care of extra insurance if necessary.
  5. In case you require constant medication, be sure to prepare with a larger stock while you find a way to supplement it.
  6. Write a checklist about the things you will need during your stay and prepare them at least a few days before your travel. Don’t forget everyday object, such as hair dryers, bed clothes or kitchen utensils.
  7. Prepare for your studies. If you are an exchange student, collect information about the necessary documentation your sending institution will require at the beginning or at the end of your mobility. If you are a full degree students, don’t forget to bring your original diplomas and documentation.
  8. Right before your arrival, collect information about how to reach your accommodation when arriving to Hungary. If you feel uncomfortable, contact the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) to ask if there’s someone who can meet you at the airport/train or bus stations.


We do hope that you will enjoy your stay in Hungary and that we can facilitate your travel and stay through this website.

In case you need further information, please contact the central International Relations Office, the faculty coordinators or the Erasmus Student Network.