Getting around

Airport transfer

Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (BUD), formerly known as Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, is about 10 miles from the city centre. Budapest Airport had two main terminals: T1 and T2, but Terminal 1 is closed since 2012. Terminal 2 is divided into 2A and 2B. 2A serves flights to/from Schengen countries and 2B serves all non-Schengen destinations.

Both terminals are accessible by public transport. The easiest way to get to the city centre is Bus no. 100E, which goes from the airport straigh to the Deák Ferenc square in the centre.

Buses run between Kőbánya-Kispest metro station and the airport. The ride from the metro station to Terminal 2 takes about 30 minutes. The bus to take is 200E. Terminal 1 is connected with the city centre via rail too. Hungarian State Railway (MÁV) operates trains between Terminal 1 and Western Railway Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar). The trip takes about 30 minutes. Since the closure of Terminal 1, passengers can transfer between the train station and Terminal with bus 200E.

There are also shuttle services, the most popular is miniBUD with prices starting from 1 900 HUF for the nearest destinations. (


Travelling across the country 

The country has a capital-centred network of bus and train lines.

You can buy student ticket with your temporary Hungarian student card or get a discounted price from Friday till Sunday if you are under 26. The easiest way to buy tickets is to go to the main railway and bus stations.

Main railway stations

  • Nyugati Pályaudvar
  • Keleti Pályaudvar
  • Déli Pályaudvar

Main bus stations

  • Népliget autóbusz-pályaudvar
  • Stadion autóbusz-pályaudvar
  • Kelenföld autóbusz-állomás

More information 

MÁV train network 

VOLAN bus network


Cars and driving

In Hungary there is a right-hand traffic.


When driving a car a few important documents have to be at disposal:

  • (international) driving licence
  • proof of insurance (green card)
  • ID/passport
  • proof of ownership
  • registration book

Main facts

  • Police has the right to pull over drivers and check the necessary documents and the obligatory items to be held within the car.
  • Wearing seatbelts is compulsory for each passenger.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol consumption, meaning that it is strictly prohibited to drive with a blood alcohol level higher than 0,0%.

Speed limits are:

  • 50 km/h in built-up/inhibited areas (towns)
  • 90 km/h on standard roads
  • 110 km/h on semi-motorways (with a specific sign)
  • 130 km/h on motorways


This EU website gives detailed information about the regulations.

The EU’s GoingAbroad application is available for iPhones, Windows and android phones.


Public transportation

Budapest has a complex network of public transportation therefore all parts of the city are easily accessible. More than 180 bus, 14 trolley, 29 tram and 4 metro lines are serving the needs of the city’s population.

Tickets have to be purchased in advance as it is not always possible to buy them on the vehicles themselves. The same tickets are valid for the metro, buses, trams, trolley buses, ships, the Funicular and the suburban HÉV lines (only within the city limits).

The single ticket is good for one trip without changing to another line. If you transfer, you will need to validate a new ticket or use a transfer ticket. Be sure to validate your ticket before you start your journey.

You can buy single tickets, transfer tickets or get a discount with a 10-trip coupon book, which contains 10 single tickets. There are passes available for longer periods but they do require ID card or a student card.

Buying a Budapest Card is recommended for shorter stays, as it allows the use of all kinds of public transport and offers various discounts, too. Regular public transport runs between 5 am and 12 pm (midnight), during the night there are several night lines throughout the city. The tram 4 and 6 runs during the whole night.


Ticket prices

Single ticket: 350 Ft
Single ticket bought on the spot: 450 Ft
10 pieces discount coupon book: 3000 Ft
Budapest monthly pass for students: 3450 Ft

Please always check the website of BKK for up-to-date prices!

More information is available at here.

Mobile applications: search for ‘BKK futár’. 


MOL BuBi  Budapest Bike

It is possible to rent public bicycles in the city centre of Budapest from the “bike stations”.

There are different types of tickets:

24-hour ticket, ~ 500 HUF
72-hour ticket, ~ 1 000 HUF
weekly ticket, ~ 2 000
quarterly pass, ~ 7 800 HUF

You can find further information and list of the stations here.



Budapest taxis 

Taxis can be fast and cheap in the city, especially late at night when there is limited public transportation. Taxis can be hailed on the street, but it is cheaper to call in advance.

Official taxis have a bright yellow colour (similar to taxis in New York), always look for the official ones.

All licensed taxi drivers must adhere to a new fare structure and charge the same price.

Base fare: HUF 1000
Price per minute: HUF 100
Price per kilometer: HUF 400


Some recommendations

Citytaxi: (+36-1) 211-1111

Főtaxi: (+36-1) 222-2222 - the officially appointed taxi company to service the airport

Budataxi: (+36-1) 233-3333

Tele5 taxi: (+36-1) 355-5555

Rádiótaxi: (+36-1) 377-7777