Health insurance

Exchange students

Students from EU/EEA member states must have the European Health Insurance Card, which covers all types of health care in Hungarian public hospitals. This means that the holders of a European Health Insurance Cards are entitled to the same services as Hungarian citizens. Please note that the range of services might differ from those of your sending country.

Citizens and/or residents of countries that are not part of the European Economic Area and that don’t have bilateral agreements with Hungary on the provision of health care, have to pay full price for the health care services rendered in Hungary.

All international students are required to insure themselves in their home country. Valid health insurance for the duration of your stay in Hungary is obligatory (if your health insurance card does not specifically state that it is valid for EU member states or that it is valid specifically for Hungary, please ask your insurance company to supply you with an official letter to this effect as the Hungarian Immigration Authorities may need this statement when you arrive in Budapest). The health insurance must provide full coverage; emergency health insurance will not be accepted.


Full degree students

Those full degree students of legal age are entitled to the Hungarian social security card (“TAJ” card) who are full-time students at Ludovika-UPS based on

  • a scholarship provided by the minister responsible for education;
  • a scholarship awarded upon international inter-governmental agreement;
  • those Hungarians living in neighbouring countries, who fall under the “Act LXII of 2001 on Hungarians living in neighbouring countries”, and also study full-time in an institution covered by the Act on Higher Education and receive either full or partial scholarships.


For more information, and to read the original text of the law click here.



The receiving institution (Ludovika-UPS, if you are going to be full degree student of the institution) takes care of the card application.

Find more information about the regulations and the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary by clicking here.