Incoming students said...

Annalisa - Italy


Matheus - Brazil

Sabrina - Germany

Edoardo - Italy

Nargiz - Russia

Alina - Russia

Anastasia - Russia

Zakir - Bangladesh

Ola - Jordan

Daniel - Kenya

“The reason why I came to Budapest is the nice feedback from my friends about the city. I agree with them because Budapest is a nice and lively city. People here are friendly and helpful. Furthermore, Budapest is located in the middle of Europe so I'm planning to visit other European countries as well.”
Faruk from Turkey

“I really appreciate the work of the coordinators and mentors of the Erasmus program at Ludovika-UPS, because I was never alone with my problems. I can always rely on their help.” Andrzej from Poland

“I have chosen Budapest, because here is like in my dreams and I like to be here… The time I spend here is undoubtedly priceless… My plans are to travel all around Europe and to have a great time here… Thanks for everything “ Cryst from Turkey