Quality Policy



Through its activities based on the freedom of scientific research, teaching and learning, the  Civil Service University is committed to serving the Hungarian national community and statehood, as well as strengthening the European and global community of nations, peace, freedom and security, and sustainable development and support for cooperation between nations.

The goal of the University of Public Service is to become a recognized university of political science and public service in its region, and to be an active and recognized participant in the international scientific life in alliance with the world's leading universities.

The heritage of its predecessors and the conscience of its citizens oblige the University to support the operation of the Hungarian state organization, the realization of good governance and the strengthening of Hungary's economic competitiveness by means of education and scientific research. In accordance with the mission statement of the University, the main goal is to provide high-quality training for professionals in public administration, law enforcement, national defense, water science and national security services. It consists of the consciously constructed intellectual workshops of the citizens of the University, it intends to move on a path of continuous and sustainable development towards excellence in order to become a competitive higher education institution leading in the transmission and transfer of modern professional knowledge and achieving new scientific results.

The teaching and research work of the University is permeated by community responsibility and service to the homeland, a commitment to educating educated, independent-minded, creative people, respect for Hungarian national culture, European and Christian values, and the cultural traditions of other nations, the protection of tolerance, individual freedom and human dignity.

The greatest value of the University is the cooperation of the student and faculty community, which is based on the respect of the citizens of the University, the dialogue on the issues of science and society, and the sacrificial support of common values and goals.

In order to achieve this spirit and the goals set by the institution, the University strives to achieve high quality in all elements of its operation, develops its quality assurance activities following domestic and international economic, scientific and cultural processes, and even sets new directions, and regularly sets new quality goals, and assess their fulfillment.

The management of the University is convinced that it can fulfill its national vocation only through its commitment to quality and the personal example of the members of the university community. It encourages all its citizens to contribute to the success of the University, to the achievement of its goals and to the service of the homeland by setting good, personal and community activities.