Organisational Information

Basic information

Head of the institution:  Dr. Deli Gergely  Rector
Year of foundation:  2012
Founding act  Act CXXXII. of 2011
Type  Non-profit (public university)
Registration number:  FI99859
VAT number:  15795719-2-42 (EU VAT: HU 15795719)

Central address:



 H-1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér 2.



Names of the institution in different languages

Name of the institution in English: Ludovika - University of Public Service (UPS)
Name of the institution in German: Ludovika - Universität für Öffentlichen Dienst
Name of the institution in French: Ludovika - Université de Service Public

Faculties and inter-faculty institutes

Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies FPGIS
Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training FMSOT
Faculty of Law Enforcement FLE
Faculty of Water Sciences FWS
Institute of Disaster Management IDM
Institute of National Security INS
Institute of Strategic Studies


Centre for Strategic and Defence Studies CSDS



LUDOVIKA CAMPUS  H-1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér 2.
ZRÍNYI CAMPUS H-1101 Budapest, Hungária krt. 9-11.
BAJA CAMPUS H-6500 Baja, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 12-14.
SZOLNOK CAMPUS H-5008 Szolnok, Kilián út 1.


Main contacts

Central phone: +36 (1) 432-9000
Central website:
Central e-mail address:

Central address:
Postal address: H-1441 Budapest P.O. Box: 60


Languages of instruction

  • Hungarian
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese