General Information

The Ordered Liberty School is a joint collaboration of the Ordered Liberty Program at the University of Louisville (Kentucky, USA) and Hungary’s University of Public Service.

Each summer, law professors from the United States and Hungary gather in Budapest to offer courses centered around the idea of “ordered liberty.”  The concept of ordered liberty provides that the good society depends not on utopian human constructs, but rather on the measured consideration of three time-tested values: justice, order, and freedom. 

In nations all across the world one finds challenges to the idea of ordered liberty, as political communities come to grips with new forms of technology and communication. The Ordered Liberty School helps students assess the right balance of justice, order, and freedom in their own respective nations.

The Ordered Liberty School is situated on the campus of the University of Public Service (Budapest, Hungary).

Date: 11 July – 23 July 2022.


Costs and method of teaching

·       There is no participation fee for the summer school. However, the travel costs to Budapest are to covered  by the students (trips included in the program are covered by UPS)

·       The summer school will be held in presence at the campus of University of Public Service (Budapest)