Free Speech and Media Law

(Prof. Russel L. Weaver)

This course will explore the law of free speech and the media in the 21st century, by looking at the foundations of speech rights and their applications to modern media. The Ordered Liberty Summer School on Free Speech and the Media focuses on introducing the different areas of law and the rights and freedoms affected by the shifting media landscape. Taking examples from prominent free-speech disputes of the past, the course will discuss the question of speech regulation by considering legal precedents from the United States and comparing them to the legal frameworks of freedom of speech and media in the European Union and other countries.

Performance will be evaluated based on a test.


Foundations of the EU 

(Prof. Koller, Prof. Molnár, Prof. Hörcher, Prof. Gombos)

This course aims to present the legal, historic and ideological foundations of the European Union with special emphasis on the history of the integration, the foreign policy and the legal sytem of the EU, and the challenges of the central eastern region of the EU (Visegrad countries). 


Performance will be evaluated based on a test.


Natural Law and Natural Rights

(Prof. Luke M. Milligan)

This course surveys the contending theories about the nature of law and its relationships to moral principles, social facts and political institutions.  Readings will include Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Aquinas, Locke, Blackstone, Jefferson, Lincoln, Rommen, Maritain, Kirk, and Ratzinger. 

Performance will be evaluated based on a test.


Challenges of the Regulation

(Prof. Koltay, Prof. Ződi, Prof. Bartóki-Gönczy) 

The course provides an overview of the informations society's regulatory challenges (regulation of online platforms and the artificial intelligence). We put a special empasis on space law, i.e. the legal aspects of the space activities which play a more and more important role in our life.

Performance will be evaluated based on a test.