Executive Training and Continuing Education

Executive training and continuing education is a matter of priority for NUPS as it is the University’s responsibility to provide continuing training for practising professionals and civil servants of the Hungarian Government. Activities in this field are managed by the Institute of Executive Training and Continuing Education, connected directly to the Vice-Rector for International Affairs.

Having significant experience in the field, NUPS also offers training opportunities to foreign institutions. The advantage of these courses is that they are entirely customizable according to the needs of the customers. NUPS can provide training in various topics with various combination of courses, while the lengths and number of participants is set upon request as well. In general one week is enough to provide a comprehensive programme for 5-15 professionals.

Main features of short-cycle training programmes:

  • improvement of the capacities of civil, military and law enforcement service staff; offer smart and cost effective solutions for executive development;
  • curricula and training activities supported by applied research; courses selected on personal/institutional preferences;
  • multidisciplinary learning methodology enriched by case studies, simulation exercises and working groups.