Dear PhD students and PhD candidates,

In the case of publications and performing presentations during doctoral training and graduation, the Doctoral School of Military Engineering as an institution is obliged to use the following name:

In Hungarian publications / lectures:

Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem, Katonai Műszaki Doktori Iskola, Budapest

In English publications / lectures:

Doctoral School of Military Engineering, National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary.

It is important that PhD students / PhD candidates with other workplaces should not omit the name of the Doctoral School, and if necessary, please indicate both institutions.

In special cases, but only if the above is not possible, the name of the Doctoral School should be given in an appropriate place (e.g. footnote, acknowledgement).

In the case of publications with the support of their supervisor, it is important to indicate the supervisor as the last of the authors. In the event of a graduation, a joint supervisor / lecturer will be monitored.

The method of the use of names, described above, is compulsory for all PhD students / PhD candidates.