About the doctoral school

The Doctoral School of Public Administration Sciences was established in 2013. Currently, it is the only doctoral school specializing in the field of public administration in Hungary. The aim of the Doctoral School’s program is to provide postgraduate-level education to professionals (researchers and practitioners) working in the field public administration.

The Doctoral School of Public Administration Sciences focuses on 7 areas of research:

  • History of state and public administration (Head: Dr. HORVÁTH Attila PhD)
  • Legal studies (Heads: Dr. PATYI András PhD, Dr. PAPP Tekla PhD)
  • Public administration management and sociology (Head: Dr. TÓZSA István PhD)
  • Economics (Heads: Dr. KUTASI Gábor PhD, Dr. HALMAI Péter DSc)
  • Public governance (Head: Dr. HALÁSZ Iván PhD)
  • International and European studies (Head: Dr. KOLLER Boglárka PhD)
  • Human resources in public administration (Head: KISS György DSc)

The training of the Doctoral School is available in the following forms:

  • organised training
    • full-time training (funded by scholarship or individually through tuition fee)
    • part-time (funded individually through tuition fee)
    • individual training (funded individually through tuition fee)
  • individual preparation

The organised training lasts 8 semesters and applies the system of credit points. In order to successfully end their training and receive their leaving certificate (absolutory) by the end of the 8th semester, PhD students must obtain at least 240 credit points in accordance with the following criteria:

Training term 1-4th semesters:

  • study obligations (min. 50 credits)
  • scientific research work (min. 70 credits)
  • holding lectures (max. 10 credits)

COMPLEX EXAM (20 credits can given)

Research term:

  • scientific research work (min. 70 credits)
  • holding lectures (max. 10 credits)
  • research of the dissertation (20 credits)

Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a PhD degree in Public Administration Sciences. Besides providing top-quality postgraduate education to our students, the Doctoral School’s mission is to establish a national center of excellence for the research of public administration that meets the highest standards of the international scientific community.

Head of the Doctoral School: Dr. KISS György DSc
e-mail: kdi@uni-nke.hu
phone: +36 (1) 432-9000 / 20189
Coordinator: ALE Éva
phone: +36 (1) 432-9000 / 20197
e-mail: ale.eva@uni-nke.hu