NUPS Sports Association

The NUPS Sport Association’s fundamental aim is to promote the university’s sports life, to ensure healthy and cultured leisure activities for the students and staff members.

Currently, sport sections inside the Association work in these segments: judo, fanatic jumpers (acrobatic basketball), gym, dispatch technique, iron-cross, ju-jitsu, military traditionalism, basketball, equestrian sport, marksmanship, Ludovika Hussar Drill Platoon, folk dance, boxing, volley ball, futsal, body building, tennis, badminton, tonfa, fencing, and a water sports section.

The University has several sport facilities all around their campuses, however new facilities will serve the needs of students, staff and local residents at the Ludovika Campus. The Ludovika project includes several sport facilities; according to the plans a swimming pool, an athletic track, an indoor riding hall and a shooting range will be ready to use in 2018.

Follow the activities of the NUPS Sport Association (in Hungarian) here:

Contact: Ms. Katalin Várhegyi

The Association contributes to the establishment of the University’s „Athletic Life Programme”. The programme’s aim is to support the student athletes with a personalised course and examination system and regular consultations. Enhanced support for harmonisation of learning and competitive sport provides greater opportunity to achieve outstanding performances at national and international competitions as well.