Institute for Research and Development on State and Governance

Directors of the Institute

Dr. Tamás Kaiser
Director of Scientific Affairs

Dr. Ádám Auer
Acting Director General


The Institute for Research and Development on State and Governance is an inter-faculty unit, directly subordinated to the Rector of the National University of Public Service. The Institute coordinates and supports the complex, transdisciplinary research efforts, focusing on the state and governance, of the various faculties, departments and institutions of the University in accordance with the research strategy of NUPS.

The head of the Institute is Dr. Tamás Kaiser, associate professor of the University, whose  main research fields are regionalization, regional policy, governance studies, and comparative politics.

As a central Unit in this sense, the Institute’s goals are:

  • the coordination of the activities of numerous projects of the Public Administration and Development Operational Programme (KÖFOP), as well as supporting activities of National Reform Programme of Hungary;
  • cooperating in publishing scientific results in the journal Acta Humana and in Working Papers on the Science of Public Governance and State;
  • supporting the progress of developing the University′s specialization in the sciences of public governance and state;
  • supporting the curriculum development and educational activities of the University;
  • developing and maintaining national and international research networks and coordinating the administrative background of the research cooperation agreements and coordinating individual research;
  • organizing workshops and conferences;
  • refining the research strategy of the University, and ensuring consistency.


There is a Research Council operating at the institute along with nine theme-oriented colleges:

  1. College of Military Sciences
  2. College of Law Enforcement Sciences
  3. College of Social Theory
  4. College of Economic Sciences
  5. College of the Sciences of State and Public Administration
  6. College of Engineering Sciences
  7. College of Legal Sciences
  8. College of Science in Human Resources
  9. College of International Studies