Research Centres

There are several research units operating at different levels of the University.


Inter-faculty Institutes

Institute for Research and Development on State and Governance

The Institute for Research and Development on State and Governance is an inter-faculty unit, directly subordinated to the Rector of the National University of Public Service. The Institute coordinates and supports the complex, transdisciplinary research efforts of the various faculties, departments and institutions of the University according to the research strategy of NUPS. Based on the unity of research and curriculum development, the research activities are carried out at the various departments of the faculties.

Centre for Strategic and Defence Studies

The Centre for Strategic and Defence studies was established in 1992 with the mission of providing decision-makers with up-to-date background analysis in the field of security and defence policy, strategic planning and military operations. The Centre also observes and analyses the relations between the Hungarian Armed Forces and Hungarian society.


Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration

Local Governments' Research Centre

The Centre started its activity from February 1, 2016 under the umbrella of the restructured and transformed Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration. Its structure is under development. According to the approved plans it would have five regular employees led by a scientific and an executive director. Beside the regular employees about seventy experts of the local governments are going to be connected to the research centre to create strategy, prognostics and background studies, to organize conferences, to establish PhD scholarships and to cooperate with other institutions and universities.

Thomas Molnar Institute for Advanced Studies

The aim of the Thomas Molnar Institute for Advanced Studies is to foster the publication of research papers in philosophy, political and social studies, contributing to the development of public service training. In fact, through these scientific works, the Institute intends to support the management of decision-making processes as well.


Faculty of International and European Studies

Chinese Public Administration, Economy and Society Research Centre

The main goal of the Research Centre is to equip current and future public servants with accurate, up-to-date and practical knowledge of the People's Republic of China. The Centre fulfils special demands through its educational, research and government consultative work in the field of modern Sinology.