Measuring Governance Conference 2017

Measuring Governance: Theory and Practice

International Conference


The National University of Public Service is organizing an International Conference with the title of Measuring Governance: Theory and Practice. The conference has two main aims. Firstly, to provide an international forum where Good Governance Reports published by the Good Governance Research Centre of the National University of Public Service can be discussed. Secondly, to initiate scientific discourse and cooperation among researchers of our partner institutions.

The participation of the conference is subjected to a registration for which the deadline is 13th April 2017.


Date:               May 3, 2017


Venue:            National University of Public Administration (Ludovika Campus Main Building, 2. Ludovika tér,
                       1083. Budapest, Hungary


If you have any further question please contact the International Office at email address.


About Good State and Governance Report


The Good State and Governance Report is an autonomous, based on scientific measurement and evaluation methodology and database published by the National University of Public Service that provides feedback on changes in the effectiveness and quality of government.


The ‘Good State’ concept is closely related to the idea of good governance and good administration that underpins the ethical norms of the common good and good public service. The ever-increasing responsibility of the state and government, as well as the practice of an integrated approach necessary for performing increasingly multi-layered, often overlapping tasks requires increasingly significant capacities and institutional and administrative capabilities. The gravity of the problem is demonstrated by the fact that numerous major international organisations (the OECD, UN, World Bank, WEF and International Institute for Management Development - IMD) engage in the complex evaluation of government performance, developing indicator systems necessary for such and preparing and publishing averages, trends and rankings suitable for comparison.


The specific aim of the NUPS’ Good State and Governance research and measurements pertaining to the national-level government performance evaluation system is to monitor changes and the development of governmental effectiveness in realising the values of the Good State, and, founded on methodologically and statistically based indicators, to therefore measure changes in governance capabilities in the recent past.