Crisis Management International Staff Week 2016

Have you ever been in crisis situation during your work with international students? Do you know how to handle mental or psychical emergency cases? Why is crisis management so important?

Thanks to the globalization and the more and more popular international programs the number of incoming students and professors is constantly increasing. Such situations like fire, injuries, or psychologically tough situations can always happen. As an international officer it is also important to deal with these kinds of problems, react immediately and help to find the best solution.

This is the week to come to the NUPS, share your experiences and learn the best practices!

On behalf of the National University of Public Service in Budapest it is our pleasure to inform you about our upcoming International Staff Week.

Title: Crisis Management in international dimension

Official language: English

Date: 23-27th of May 2016

Location: National University of Public Service (NUPS)

Address: 2 Ludovika Square, 1083 Budapest, Hungary

Participation fee: 100 euro/ person

The programme includes:

·         presentations

·         workshops

·         cultural and social events

·         site visits to the Faculties

Our main goal is to bring together coordinators and other university staff dealing with international student, staff and programs and find different good solutions in special emergency cases.