Basic information

It is a key part of the University’s international strategy to enhance staff mobility and thus to provide opportunities to visiting scholars as well as to increase the ratio of international professors teaching at NUPS.

For short term visits and mobility programmes there are several opportunities. NUPS welcomes visiting scholars and professors from higher education institutions or from any other institution and organisation that have common fields or interests with the University. Besides NUPS is also eager to host administrative staff members to share experiences with its own employees. Most of these programmes can be funded by the Erasmus+ programme, although other applications are welcome. To facilitate mobility programmes, NUPS regularly organises international weeks that are great opportunities for networking as well.

Erasmus+ mobility

The International Chair programme of NUPS is an initiative to host international lecturers for a longer term, for an academic year in general. This programme is based on yearly application that usually takes place in spring or early summer.

International Chair